Ramatu Jalloh

Supervisor, Partner In Health and
Community Health Worker, CHW Advocates

Sierra Leone
Ramatu Jalloh was born in 1989 in Kono District, Sierra Leone, where she continues to work to this day. Ramatu started working with Partners In Health Sierra Leone in 2016 as a CHW, and was promoted to supervisor in June 2019. Her current work includes advocacy and accompaniment for TB and HIV patients as well as a district-wide COVID-19 sensitization project with her team of CHWs. She holds a Higher National Diploma in Project Development Studies from the University of Management & Technology Sierra Leone. In addition, holds a Diploma in Cosmetic from the Institute of Jack Running Skills Technology Nigeria. Training of Trainers (TOT) on positive Dignity Prevention from Management Science for Health in Nigeria. Ramatu is an active advocate for CHWs globally. At the onset of COVID-19, during the Skoll World Forum, she delivered a passionate call to protect frontline health workers with PPE. Sharing a personal story of her own battle with HIV, Ramatu used her voice to advocate for all frontline health workers, in particular those who are immunocompromised. Ramatu's call to action ultimately helped to catalyze a 30+ partner collaboration, the COVID-19 Action Fund for Africa, that has so far raised nearly $20 M USD to provide PPE to hundreds of thousands of frontline health workers around the world. Most recently, Ramatu spoke to a global audience of program managers, funders, and researchers about progress in securing PPE for CHWs. "When you protect a CHW, you are protecting the nation." Ramatu's tireless advocacy on behalf of CHWs around the world is inspiring a growing network of CHW Advocates from around the globe who watch her speeches on video and see how advocacy by CHWs for CHWs can be a true catalyst for change, also awarded as Heroine of Health 2021 by Women in Global Health. At work, Ramatu develop an internal stress management guide to help employees manage stress and work pressure effectively. During the weekend, she likes to go visit her patients and educate them on how to be self – reliance.


Capacity to Contain Future Pandemics in Communities

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