Side Meetings


Digital Health for UHC and Primary Care


  • 09.00 - 12.00 HRS. (BKK)

  • AeHIN, AeHIN’s Community of Interoperability Labs (COIL), OpenHIE community
  • Standards and Interoperability Lab Thailand (SIL TH)
  • Transform Health
  • McGovern foundation
  • OpenHIE community

Digital health is the the field of knowledge and practice associated with the development and use of digital technologies to improve health (WHO). Digital health enables the country health and healthcare systems to achieve universal healthcare coverage and the primary care implementation. Transforming health systems and health information systems with digital technology are complex because there are many stakeholders, public and private-often with completing interest-, many technology components. Moreover, many stakeholders do not have visibility of the whole picture or fully understand their role in the larger national health information systems and the complexity of digital health. Learning together through peer to peer regional approach in Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) over eight years, the community have distilled that there are four digital health foundational components that needs to be addressed. These are "GAPS"; Governance, Architecture, People& program Management and Standards & Interoperability. In order to achieve the universal health coverage and implement primary care, countries need to "Mind the GAPS" and working collaboratively to "Fill the GAPS"

1. Create awareness of the important of digital health and its foundational components, the GAPS, for country to achieve UHC and implement primary care
2. Create advocacy among health systems stakeholders on the important of digital health
2. To share knowledge and practices in implementing the "GAPS" framework
3. To share the lesson learns by the AeHIN's Community of Interoperability Lab (COIL) and Standards and Interoperability Lab Thailand (SIL TH)